Welcome to the Que Abides

About Us

A lot of people ask, “What does your name mean?” “What language is that?” “Is this a Spanish food truck?” So, let’s clear that up right out of the gate. The name The Que Abides is the culmination of 2 things that bring me excessive joy: traditional slow-smoked Bar-B-Que & the film The Big Lebowski. In the film, the main character, The Dude, is told to “take it easy Dude, I know you will” in which he famously responds “The Dude Abides.” So we took this infamous line and changed it to The Que Abides. Our name, artwork, the names of our sandwiches, all pay homage to the Coen Brothers’ cult classic film.

The Que Abides started hitting the streets of Erie, PA in June, 2015. We are proudly entering our 3rd season as Erie’s 2016 Food Truck of choice. We set the bar high in our 2nd season and are striving to reach even higher in 2017!!

We specialize in traditional, slow-smoked Bar-B-Que with a modern twist. Traditionally speaking, we season our meats in our house made rub and let the meat smoke for hours until it reaches that smoky succulent finished product anyone from the South, or has ever visited the South, knows all too well.

Modern twist

We take these slow-smoked meats and create a myriad of specialty sandwiches & loaded mac n cheese, see our menu here.

Our lunch menu is very sandwich oriented and our Loaded Mac n Cheese continues to be one of our top sellers as well. We are traditionally set up on the Peach St. side of Perry Square for our lunch service but as we have gained notoriety, we have been setting up all over the Erie area and are starting to break into Millcreek as well. As more & more companies ask us to come to them, we are finding ourselves in new locations every week, we are a mobile kitchen after all! If your company would be interested in having The Que come boost employee morale, just let us know!

In the evenings, we can be found hanging out at various local establishments, catering weddings, graduation parties, etc. In these instances, we typically offer more of a traditional Bar-B-Que meal as opposed to the sandwiches we offer at lunch & events.

We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing, technological world & we at The Que are no different. Our menu items and location can change from day-to-day. So you are probably asking yourself, how do we know where to find you and what is on the menu for the day?? The answer is simple: social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we also will have an email list for those who are not into the whole social media thing. For those who just like to see pics and general Que Abides silliness we also have Snapchat.

We look forward to serving you the best & most unique Bar-B-Que experience in town!

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your opinion man.”—The Dude